Our principal goal is to create a school that becomes an extension of the family, which is crucial in developing a sense of unity or consistency in the child's environment. Through emphasis on healthy outdoor activities, universal values and a loving environment, we educate not only the intellect, but the child as a whole; with his/her willpower and feelings, so he/she will be prepared to undertake a life-long learning process.

We show our children:

  • how to take care of their health, how to develop a strong body, willpower, perseverance, efficiency, and a sense of tidiness and organization
  • how to develop qualities of heart, values of love, compassion, patience, diligence, dedication, unselfishness, humility and respect
  • how to seek knowledge and understanding, how to know themselves, to learn and comprehend, to develop a sense of measure, clear-headedness, wisdom, a consciousness of the world around them and a concern for individual and social evolution

Universal School of Life teaches children to respect and protect the environment. The children are taught to protect drinkable water, forest, and soil. In our school, we develop an interest in embellishing the environment, in protecting it, enriching the soils, cleaning up waterways and forests, and in making decisions that tend to reduce emission of greenhouses gases.