About us

The Universal School of Life opened its doors in Colebrook, NH in 2007. The school is located within the ecovillage of "La Cite Ecologique of New Hampshire", which was established in Colebrook in 2004.

As a non-public school accredited by the NH Department of Education, USL aims to provide a place-based education for students from nursery to grades K-8. Our school is a tax exempt organization (501 c) (3) qualified to receive tax deductible endowments and gifts. USL is also classified as a public charity under the Internal Revenue Code.

Our academic program is offered by educators, parents and ecovillage members. The base and starting point for USL's academic program follows the requirements set by the New Hampshire Department of Education. However, USL's approach goes much further. In USL's approach, the learning process unfolds outside in the open air and everything taught gets put into practice: this is the way children learn best. This curriculum fundamental makes USL the "ecovillage-school in nature". The ecovillage farm, businesses, services and school are all located very close to one another. This provides children with an opportunity to put what they learn into practice quickly. Our curriculum also has been proven to build up life skills that help develop entrepreneurship.