Universal School of Life


The program and curriculum offered at Universal School of Life challenge today's biggest questions in education and offers children a unique way to learn according to their type of intelligence and/or abilities. Assessments are built around children's portfolios, where the strength of every child is honored, making the standard academic curriculum just one facet of their learning. Much more important are the lifelong learning skills children are taught and that are essentials for the 21st century learner.

The whole environment that is created around the school is unique and offers children opportunities to develop much more than just pure academic skill. Whole child focus, combined with common sense choice of well balanced activities, and an age appropriate developmental approach to teaching, is the secret blend that makes our school the best choice for children.

A quick description of our curriculum is offered here but it only tries to reflect with some of the most commonly known standards. Our studies include learning in the following areas through different activities.

Science project made by students
science project
  • Lifelong learning skills
  • Language Art
  • Mathematics
  • World Language (French)
  • Science
  • Technology Integration
  • Social Science
  • Arts and Music
  • Physical and Health Education